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Contact:  Phone: 050 4101 535;   Email: info@danceabudhabi.com;  Web: www.danceabudhabi.com


Hi All


Our vacation has turned into a permanent one - in fact a total exit from Abu Dhabi.

We are continuing this website for the time being.  In case anybody is interested in taking over from us, please email us at danceabudhabi@gmail.com.  Look forward to hearing from interested parties.

Regards, Nazni





For a list of our activities, please click here. 

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For a list of the dances we teach, please click here.

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Private Lessons for Wedding Choreography or just faster learning.  Please email for further details or click here for further explanations. 

Group lessons:  Group lessons run for 55 minutes & are held at our Al-Bateen private studio (except for Tuesdays when we teach at Cinnabar in Hilton Abu Dhabi).  Please click here for the Group lessons Schedule.


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PROGRAMME for Group Lessons at Al-Bateen private studio: (Directions to venue are sent to enrolled students - please email info@danceabudhabi.com to enrol:


Start Date




Prices per person for all lessons:

55/- AED single lesson;

160/- AED total for 4 consecutive lessons

(Please click here for further explanation on prices )


Course starts Mon Jan 06, ends Jan 15

7:30 pm




Course starts Mon Jan 06, ends Jan 15

8:30 pm





Course starts Mon Jan 06, ends Jan 15

7:30 pm




Course starts Mon Jan 06, ends Jan 15

8:30 pm



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     PRICES (all prices are in AED)Each lesson lasts 55 minutes:

GROUP LESSON PRICES  (at Al-Bateen studio and at Cinnabar), for


Number of lessons

Price per person, payable at first lesson



55/- AED

1 lesson

Package of 4 lessons

160/- AED total, (@ 40/- per lesson)

4 consecutively scheduled lessons


        The 4-lessons package needs to be purchased in full at the first lesson.  (Students may pay the single lesson price at the beginning of the first lesson and decide after the lesson if they wish to purchase the 4-lessons package). 

         Once a package is purchased, the lessons need to be attended as scheduled.  Missing a package lesson is counted as a no-show, and the lesson is lost. 

         Package lessons not used within the scheduled timings will expire.

         If all, or a majority of students in a lesson group, find it difficult to attend a particular session for a special reason, like a public holiday, etc., and if at least 3 daysí notice is provided to the Instructor, then a scheduled lesson may be postponed to a future date without students losing the lesson.

         Similarly, if the instructor organises a break or cancels a lesson, the expiry period will be extended by the period of break in lessons.

        The instructor reserves the right to cancel a course and/or withdraw the package option in a course if the number of students enrolled in insufficient to proceed with the course or with the package options.



Please email for Prices + other information on Private lessons or Wedding Choreography. 


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What dances do we teach?  We teach the following dance styles:

Street Latin/Social Dancing:  Salsa, Argentine Tango, Merengue;

Classical Latin/Ballroom Latin:  Cha-cha-cha, Jive, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble;

Classical Ballroom/Ballroom Standard/Ballroom Modern:  Waltz, Slow Foxtrot, Rhythm Foxtrot, Ballroom Tango, Quickstep, Viennese Waltz.


What are Private Lessons? 

Private lessons are devoted exclusively to a single individual or a couple, or even to a private group booking together as one unit.  Private lessons are scheduled at the mutual convenience of the instructor and the student/s. 

Private lessons are useful for students who wish to accelerate their rate of learning, and prefer to have undivided attention from the instructor. 

Generally, these lessons are held at a private studio in Al-Bateen, although other venues may be arranged if required.

Wedding couples may opt for normal private lessons without Choreography, or may opt for special rates with Choreography for their First Dance.  Note: Private students may also opt for a choreographed routine even if they are not wedding couples.

For information on choreographed routines, (for wedding or non-wedding students), please click here to be taken to the Wedding Page.

Private lesson Prices: Please email for Prices + other information on Private lessons.


Instructor info:

Nazni has had her training primarily in Australia, supplemented by some training in USA, UK, Indonesia and Turkey. 

She qualified for Medal tests, also danced competitively in Australian and New Zealand DanceSport Championships. 

She obtained teaching Certifications that qualified her for membership to the Federal Association of Teachers of Dancing (FATD) in Australia.

Nazni has been teaching in Abu Dhabi for 7 years.

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Paso Doble
Viennese Waltz
New ay 8thVogue Sequence Dancing